Yellowbirds – “Mean Maybe”

YellowbirdsThe whole lomography thing is starting to get old. The photos look beautiful and all, but I think the flood of sub-amateur photographers trying too hard to get lens flares kind of ruined it. That, and the Instagram stuff. I mean, a photo of your dinner — first of all, why am I looking at a photo of your dinner? Second, it doesn’t need a filter. Period.

But New York’s Yellowbirds are on to something with their latest video for “Mean Maybe,” off The Vanished Frontier. The song itself is a bittersweet, rambling break-up tune, they shot the video on a hand-cranked 35mm camera, and most importantly, the story of the video takes place in 1982 Hong Kong. That’s what I want to experience when I look at old footage on shitty film: historical accuracy. Continue reading