Michael Rault: “Suckcess”

Michael Rault: Living Daylight

Burger; 2015

> Checking levels …

> Floor toms — Copious.

> Mid-range bass — Plentiful.

> Fuzz — Crispy.

> Harmonies — Sunshiny.

> Processing …

> Diagnosis: Oh shit, boogie down.

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Michael Rault: Nothing Means Nothing b/w Still Not Sad

Michael Rault: Nothing Means Nothing b/w Still Not Sad

Burger; 2014

Canada seems pretty cool. I trawl through a lot of new and old artists on a daily basis, and Canadian groups always seem to catch my ear in one way or another. Poutine is also great. Oh, and maple syrup. Love me some maple syrup. Continue reading

Waste Not, Want Not: 8/13/2013

Pop PollI know this is a day later than it should be, but I absolutely had to put a link up to stream Ty Segall’s new album. If you weren’t aware, Sleeper is a slower, lighter affair that doesn’t dispense with guitar charm.

Anyway, here’s what I missed over the last week:

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