Nick Klein: “Mobility Effort”

Nick KleinEveryone has that one part of their back that they either can’t scratch themselves without contorting their limbs in some horribly disfiguring way. In a way, that’s the kind of itch mirrored by a craving for analog synth — chunky, buzzing and tangible. As much as I enjoy a nice a fuzz-laden, idiosyncratic guitar riff, using one to scratch that visceral itch is like using a trout as a backscratcher.

It used to be that analog synths were a niche instrument, reserved for only the nerdiest of music nerds and requiring a degree in electronic engineering to use. In a way, that’s still the case if you want the kind of impactful sounds Nick Klein is eking out of his setup. His is the sound of pure electricity creating a loop of hypnotic, nerve-wracking thunder.

It’s hard not to make minimal electronic music without conjuring a huge array of mental imagery, and in most cases it would be a useless exercise. Soundscapes like this are vehicles for an inward spiral of a journey, and “Mobility Effort” occupies a space somewhere between a night drive and a blitz on the Autobahn.

You can stream the track below, which is set to be released on the Failed Devotee 12″ out March 4 via Unknown Precept. Bamboo backscratchers for the win.

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