Hundred Visions: “Our Ritual”

Hundred VisionsWhen I cook, I like to pretend I’m at a sweaty punk show in a basement boiler room in West Berlin. I could be making a grilled cheese sandwich and still make a scene. Knives chop at speeds approaching Mach 1, various sauces fly through the air, the range is fired up like an array of F-14 afterburners. Meanwhile, I’ve got something cranked at volumes that could raise the resting heart rate of an extra lethargic tree sloth, and I’m running around like a Jesus Lizard trying to catch a bus.

It’s not pretty, but it’s pretty fun.

Still, all that said, I don’t think anyone could match the star of Hundred Visions‘ video for “Our Ritual.” Have you ever seen anyone that fucking psyched to cook breakfast? I mean, I love over-easy eggs as much as the next person, but this guy has “meth cook” level convictions for bacon, eggs and toast. (You’ll also see what I mean when you hit about 2:13 in the vid.)

As for the track, it’s a solid bit of rollicking garage-y fun. The band’s got the chugging sound of the genre down, but the structure is more dynamic than your standard bit of generic fuzz punk. Check it out for yourself below, or listen to the whole LP Spite, out now on Pau Wau, via Bandcamp. Heat oil in a pan on high heat, crack an egg in the center, cover for 1 1/2 minutes and serve immediately. You’re welcome.


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