H. Hawkline: “Spooky Dog”

H. HawklineAre the Welsh rising up again? Up to a certain point in my life, I’d only known of one Welsh musician: Tom Jones. And while his tastes in crooning and unbuttoned button-down shirts exudes enough sheer amazingness for an entire lifetime, I’ve always wondered if there were others.

Now, in the span of months, I’ve heard of two more great Welsh bandleaders. First Cate LeBon, and now H. Hawkline. Both of these folks are unbelievably unique talents, not just at seeing how many consonants and Ys you can fit into a word, but also at weirdo guitar pop.

LeBon has a history of circus-y motorik-lite jams under her belt, but her most recent album was a beautiful exercise in rambly, punchy tones. Supporting her on that album’s tour was none other than Hawkline, and it seems to me that the slight shift in sound has something to do with him. “Spooky Dog” is the latest video single off Hawkline’s latest LP In the Pink of Condition, and in it we can see just how weird this particular brand of weirdo pop is.

Filled with surrealistic collage, Bowie-esque lingering close-ups and incredible turns of phrase, the track has a slightly warped feel straight through and a guitar sound like someone dropped a box of chopsticks into the top of an open baby grand. The last minute of falsettos and low-amp string squawk is worth more than the price of admission (especially since it’s streaming for free below).

In the Pink of Condition is out now on Heavenly, and like I said before, you can watch the video for “Spooky Dog” below.

[youtube http://youtu.be/Y9VRRumdoR4]

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