Michael Rault: “Suckcess”

Michael Rault: Living Daylight

Burger; 2015

> Checking levels …

> Floor toms — Copious.

> Mid-range bass — Plentiful.

> Fuzz — Crispy.

> Harmonies — Sunshiny.

> Processing …

> Diagnosis: Oh shit, boogie down.

This, friends, is a fantastic Friday afternoon song. Even here in Chicago, where the snow on the ground is starting to hit that “I’m ice now, fuck off” stage, Michael Rault‘s “Suckcess” is making me want to put the top down and drive away very quickly from an Illicit Activity at some Place of Responsibility.

Can anything compete with this combination of groove and punch? It’s now occurring to me that this should be where the dwindling lo-fi garage scene should progress to — pin the bass knob on all your amps, switch to the bridge pickup and play something that makes me want to mash the “repeat” button and break it off.

Rault’s LP Living Daylight is out on May 5 on Burger Records. Check out lead single “Suckcess” below, and come over here and help me put this box of post-its in my trunk.

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