Dick Diver: “Waste the Alphabet”

Dick DiverTack it onto the era of nostalgia we live in, but every day of weather in Chicago has a works like a historical set piece doesn’t it? Those early mornings when the wind is spitting snow crystals into your face like a jilted lover — that’s late-80s Seattle grunge. Days when the rain slides down your ankles and snakes into your boot — that’s late-period UK shoegaze. 3am on a clear-skied, freezing cold night — Joy Division.

As for Australian outfit Dick Diver, the outlook is much sunnier. With a name like that, you might expect the quartet to be an irreverent group of squawky thrashers (emphasis on “Dick”), but instead, they sound like four starry-eyed explorers looking for something beautiful (emphasis on “Diver”). And if you’re wondering, this track’s a sunny day at the beach in the mid-90s where nobody’s around as far as you can see, and the water is refreshingly cool, but not shrivelingly cold.

“Waste the Alphabet” is the lead track of their newly-announced third full-length album, Melbourne, Florida, and it’s interesting to see the approach these Aussies take towards guitar pop versus the local giants of guitar pop, Tame Impala, whose music sounds like the early-70s, getting baked while baking in a Volkswagen minibus parked in the desert. Dick Diver is equally as brilliant in their songwriting and harmony, but with a brighter sound and subtle hooks everywhere.

Melbourne, Florida drops March 6th on Trouble In Mind, but in the meantime you can listen to “Waste the Alphabet” below. If you find yourself interested in the band, you might rely more on the Facebook page than Google, since searching “dick diver” might lead to some questionable results.

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