Michael Rault: Nothing Means Nothing b/w Still Not Sad

Michael Rault: Nothing Means Nothing b/w Still Not Sad

Burger; 2014

Canada seems pretty cool. I trawl through a lot of new and old artists on a daily basis, and Canadian groups always seem to catch my ear in one way or another. Poutine is also great. Oh, and maple syrup. Love me some maple syrup.

I just discovered Michael Rault, a Torontonian with an ear for that thick, fuzzy sound that Tame Impala seems to have inscribed on a handful of acts as of late. It is adequately spacey (par for the course for a newly-minted Burger Records signee), but this new cassingle also sounds like a fair bit of thought went into production and composition, which I always enjoy. Rault’s got a penchant for free-flying harmonies and envelope filters, and he knows how to use them.

You can listen to both tracks off the new single below via Soundcloud, and also make sure to check out his bit in the latest episode of BRGRTV, Burger’s weekly video digest. He shows up at 1:32.

[youtube http://youtu.be/9xszRnKqoTU?t=1m32s]

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