Wand: “Flying Golem”

WANDI’m not usually one to make broad, generalizing statements, but it seems these days that the fuzzy garage sound that used to be a uniquely San Francisco sound is shifting south to claim LA as a breeding ground. Thee Oh Sees (briefly) quit and wrote a break-up letter with SF, and Ty Segall set up shop in the plastic mecca, and now acts like LA-based Wand are shooting MS Paint lasers across a sun-streamed beach.

Combining the psych freakout sound with Tame Impala-like production makes for a vivid visual stimulus — one that calls for badly rendered 3D models and C64 landscapes. “Flying Golem” is the lead single and centerpiece of Ganglion Reef, which debuted about a month ago on Drag City imprint God? and sold out of physical copies soon thereafter. Basically, the video is a bad trip for the Information Age — like the shitty Colecovision game you play twenty years later, marveling at the struggle of defeating three pixels arranged in a dragon-like shape.

Check out the video below, and cop the download at Drag City — those won’t ever sell out.

[youtube http://youtu.be/SzVEWmi_27U]

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