Ty Segall: “Manipulator”

Ty SegallIs there anything more pretentious than an album that gets released with an iOS app? <magic8ball>MY SOURCES SAY NO</magic8ball>

Luckily, Ty Segall‘s online presence is much more savvy — meaning it’s left to the music, critics/fans and a website made up of paper cut-out Geocities-esque gif-bombs. Segall’s great when it comes to honest entertainment, and it’s pretty much because of an even blend of weirdness and volume. On top of that, with each album Ty and the gang twists the dial just enough to make a few waves without completely changing the station.

“Manipulator” is the third single off the album of the same title to get a video — and wouldn’t you know it, it’s interactive. No app here, though. It’s all about unleashing a storm of clicks and redecorating Ty’s bedroom. Will it devolve into a mess of psychotic imagery and blacklight posters? <magic8ball>SIGNS POINT TO YES</magic8ball>

If you’re not the meddling type, the director of the video, Matt Yoka, recorded his own playthrough which you can watch without risk of damaging your precious pointer finger. I’m embedding that version below, but definitely take the time out of your day to dive into the fully interactive version. It definitely will not send you into post-LSD flashback spirals. <magic8ball>REPLY HAZY TRY AGAIN</magic8ball>

Manipulator is out now on Drag City.

[youtube http://youtu.be/wTvBkGJY6-M]

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