Radar Eyes – “Side of the Road”

Radar EyesWhen a band combines four-on-the-floor Suicide drum machines, acid synths, tastefully unhinged feedback and a buuuuuunch of reverb, it’s safe to assume it’s going somewhere good.

That’s the case with Radar Eyes, who have been scoring the scuzzy Chicago night in a way that reaches the same parallels as Vega/Rev did with the psychoses of NYC in the ’70s. But Chicago in 2013 isn’t New York in 1975, and the band isn’t foolish enough to pretend it is.

Instead, Radar Eyes dials back the intensity into an vision of this city that sounds right at home, mixing garage-y harmonies with electric psychedelia and a thick, bassy backbone for maximum impact. Throw in the leather jackets, the orange streetlight halos, the prairie grass peeking out from underneath railroad tracks, and you’ve got a decent look at the typical, kinda fun, kinda intimidating night walking around the back streets of Chicago.

Radar Eyes’ self-titled debut is out now on HoZac, and a cassette re-release is out of Happenin’ in December. In the meantime, check out the video for “Side of the Road” below.

[youtube http://youtu.be/OPv17EO6o5I]

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