Jack Name – “Pure Terror”

Jack NameThere is a time and a place for tin pan fuzz — that whiny, treble-icious guitar sound that pierces eardrums worse than a Billy Corgan vocal flourish.

And hardly anyone knows exactly when or where that is. The rumbling, gut-punching tone of low-end fuzz is common among psych rock acts wishing to prove their mettle against level-headedness (so, all of them) but when that effects pedal is still down going into the solo, it throws the balance of the tune out of whack.

“Pure Terror,” the lead single off the debut album/sci-fi rock opera of LA weirdo Jack Name, hits that fuzz button pretty hard — even the eardrum-shredding death noises — but seems to know how to compliment it well. That buzzing tone is everywhere on this track, but it never sticks out so much as to eclipse the beautifully scuzzy glam-folk that rambles on next to it.

The healthy dose of ’70s glam and power pop also makes for the interesting effect of listening to the track and enjoying it, but not being able to entirely remember why. In a good way.

Light Show is out January 21 on Drag City imprint God? Records.

[audio http://pitchperfectpr.com/mp3/JackName_PureTerror.mp3]

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