Huerco S. – “Prinzif”

Huerco S.Software is always coming up with something that sounds like damaged VHS copies of old horror movies. I’m not alone in thinking of the label’s signature sound as such; many others have come to the same conclusion in so many words and/or expletives. With a sound so dated and somewhat gimmicky, you might think it’d be pretty easy to get left behind in the quick pace of modern music, but Software somehow makes it work. More importantly, they make it worth a listen.

The latest thing to come out of the label is a new track from Huerco S., a.k.a. Brian Leeds, a Kansas City native whose work sounds right at home with the likes of labelmates Oneohtrix Point Never and Tim Hecker. Leeds takes his influence from the early, minimal days of the Midwestern techno scene, laying mechanical synths over four-on-the-floor beats.

“Prinzif” itself seems to be made up of various movements, fading in and out of clips and transitioning between textures. Therein lies an example of what keeps Software fans listening — chameleonic, lyric-less, oblique mind-fuckery.

Colonial Patterns is out September 24 on Software, and the motionless video for “Prinzif” is below.

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