Terry Malts: Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere

Terry Malts: Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere

Slumberland; 2013

It could be that I’ve just been feeling exceptionally misanthropic lately, but I keep getting wind of happy, cheery music and it keeps making me suuuuuuper uncomfortable — as in the way you feel when you see someone unaware that they are humiliating themselves in public, especially when it’s due to hubris.

When that happens, I find it’s always better to go loud, fast, and when possible, irreverent. If that sounds a lot like punk to you, you’re pretty spot on, but we’re not going full-throttle today. This is the day we take a look at Terry Malts‘ newly-released second full-length Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere, which features more of the SF trio’s blend of chainsaws and lollipops. Ah yes, the two-part cure to misanthropy. Continue reading

Huerco S. – “Prinzif”

Huerco S.Software is always coming up with something that sounds like damaged VHS copies of old horror movies. I’m not alone in thinking of the label’s signature sound as such; many others have come to the same conclusion in so many words and/or expletives. With a sound so dated and somewhat gimmicky, you might think it’d be pretty easy to get left behind in the quick pace of modern music, but Software somehow makes it work. More importantly, they make it worth a listen. Continue reading

Waste Not, Want Not: Post-Labor Day Spectacular

Pop PollHooooooooooly crap guys. I’ve been lazy.

There’s a bunch of stuff I haven’t showed you this week and it’s all coming through at once, today, because you’ll probably need something to listen to after the long weekend.






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