Yuppies – “Hitchin A Ride”

YuppiesYuppies may be extinct. Living and working in the Midwest, the closest you often get to a sighting seems to be bros from A&M-type schools wearing stripey polos and Madras shorts. These preptastic beer-guzzlers are a subdivision of the Yuppie kingdom, destined to become power players at some investment firm shortly after crushing the rest of their cohort en route to an MBA, but the banker’s collars and tennis outfits are largely gone. Blue blazers are now fastened with as few as one button instead of a 3 X 2 arrangement of brass monstrosities. Anyone draping a knit pullover over their shoulders is doing so ironically.

And though the fashion of the Yuppie period is alive today in image instead of spirit, Omaha-based Yuppies seem to have kept the era alive by bringing the singspiel and jagged guitar line of post punk to their self-titled debut album, out September 15 on Dull Tools.

“Hitchin A Ride” is one of three tracks available to preview and the jangly cacophony summoned by the band pretty much makes their band name ironic. Could you imagine someone in a 80s Porsche convertible looking smug while listening to this? You can stream the aforementioned track below, and the full three-track preview is available to stream on Bandcamp.

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