Waste Not, Want Not: 8/23/2013

Pop PollAnd now for part two of two of this week’s honorable mentions. This one is more than a little diverse.

1. Zula: Twin Loss

Percussion-driven and agreeably funky. The Twin Loss EP features the lead single from Zula’s full-length debut, due out in October on Inflated.

2. Distortion Mirrors – “Prom Queen”

Whiny in the 90s sense, but not to the point of nausea, there’s also a good chunk of guitars working in this one. An odd bit of trivia: the band also recently created a soundtrack to a suicide prevention documentary. Zero and Kings out now.

3. SISU – “Harpoons”

This spinoff project from Sandra Vu, drummer for Dum Dum Girls, is just as airy and mysterious as her original group, but draws more from post punk for inspiration.

Stream “Harpoons” and other SISU tracks via Soundcloud. Blood Tears out September 17 on Mono Prism.

4. Windhand – “Orchard”

Another heavy jam from Windhand, which sound like it’s made of incense and a storm front. Soma arrives September 17 on Relapse.

5. White Prism – “Fool”

The 90s are back in a big way, and White Prism gives the late-20th century diva vocal sound a synthetic revival.

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