Waste Not, Want Not: 8/22/2013

Pop PollFolks, I’ve been slacking. To make up for it, here’s the first of two installments of the best of what’s been hitting my uncleaned inbox for the last week of so. Five today, five tomorrow:

1. Tropic Harbour – “Golden Rays”

An elastic bassline over a splashy snare.

2. Camp Counselors – “Charyou”

Chilly darkwave for dancefloors filled with awkwardly shuffling goths. Huntress out September 24 on Lefse.

3. Jeffrey Drag Summer Sampler 2013

Summer jams with a hybrid 60s/70s guitar vibe. Free to download.

4. Pagiins – “Open Up Your Mind”

Very peppy vocals. Bad Things Don’t EP out October 7 on 20Sided.

5. 2PPM – “I”

Two guys bouncing ideas back and forth between drums and keyboards. Desert Country and Physics out now.

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