FUZZ – “Loose Sutres”

FUZZYou may or may not be aware of how big a fan of Ty Segall I am. Now you know.

Earlier this year, Segall formed a new group — a power trio by the name of FUZZ which features Roland Cosio on bass and Charlie Moothart on guitar. Ty’s pulling a Fleetwood/Collins/Carpenter here, taking on drum and vocal duties. (Note that I omitted Ringo.) Continue reading


Rainbow Chan – “Skinny Dipping”

Rainbow Chan: Long Vacation

Silo Arts & Records; 2013

While “Rainbow Chan” is a pretty attention-grabbing stage name, what caught my eye was the cover art for Long Vacation. You might think the album (out July 30) is an homage to the classic K-Mart portrait, but I’m certain its value is further east. A little while back I discovered a blind spot in my musical tastes by the name of Teresa Teng — a juggernaut of romantic Asian pop that is so well known my own mother looked at me funny for never having heard of her. (For reference, her tastes shifted from Indonesian surf rock to Tom Jones and then stayed there.) Continue reading