Rainbow Chan – “Haircut”

Rainbow Chan: "Haircut"When last we saw Rainbow Chan, she was lying naked on a beach, covered in dead sea creatures. This time around, she’s in a weirder place — premiering the track “Haircut” at the bottom of a long post on the Huffington Post, underneath an interview with Anton Fig about an Alzheimer’s benefit, a video premiere for an utterly derivative L.A. noire/soul revival singer, and an interview with Booker T. Jones that starts like this: “How are you? / I’m doing well. How are you? / I’m fine, thank you for asking.”

Once you get through the amateur variety hour, you’re graced by a solid Rainbow Chan track, though. More R&B influenced than “Skinny Dipping,” this time, it’s a synthetic bossa nova groove peppered with warped keyboards and chimes that make the scroll-down journey worth it. Chan gets to show off her more melodic side here, as well as her penchant for wonky electronics in the excellent analog interlude.

Check out the track below, and look out for Long Vacation, out July 30 on Silo Arts & Records.

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