TV Ghost – “Elevator”

TV GhostTV Ghost‘s last album, 2011’s Mass Dream, was a cackling, thrashy ode to psychedelia, full of abrasive sounds and unforgiving riffs. For that reason, it was an album I liked for a few weeks, but then stopped listening to — not musical enough to have any memorable hooks, not rhythmic enough to take the place of a no wave record, not cathartic enough to take the place of a hardcore or metal binge.

But the Indiana-based group has announced a new record, Disconnect, out September 3 on In The Red, and my ears are perking up again. Partly because of all the delicious, delicious noise, and partly because the lead single “Elevator” seems to focus less on making as big a racket as possible and more on rhythm and atmosphere.

You can check out the new track below, which sounds like it combines the vocals of Ian McCulloch of Echo & the Bunnymen with the rhythm section of Can in a wind tunnel.

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