Winter – “The View”

WinterIf Saint Etienne has taught us anything, it’s that bands formed by music journalists tend to cram their sound with an obscene amount of influences. At it’s best, the material sounds fresh and of-the-moment — in the 90s, Saint Etienne released records that were almost comprehensive of the independent electronic scene of the time, and even by the time of their recent comeback they’d incorporated contemporary pop sounds. At it’s worst, it’s a confusing, psychotic trip through music history, which explains why there aren’t very many successful bands with music journalist members.

Winter, possibly named after guitarist/vocalist Samira Winter rather than the season, shows a good amount of new and old influences in standalone single “The View.” They’ve got the cadence of a Real Estate track on this one, with a healthy dose of Slumberland-brand vocal melodies. There’s even the swirl of a My Bloody Valentine glide guitar bending in the build up to the chorus. Suffice it to say, they’ve got the combination down subtly, without risk of concept overload.

Listen to “The View” below, and check out their Bandcamp page for more tracks.

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