FUZZ – “Loose Sutres”

FUZZYou may or may not be aware of how big a fan of Ty Segall I am. Now you know.

Earlier this year, Segall formed a new group — a power trio by the name of FUZZ which features Roland Cosio on bass and Charlie Moothart on guitar. Ty’s pulling a Fleetwood/Collins/Carpenter here, taking on drum and vocal duties. (Note that I omitted Ringo.)

The group released two 7″ singles recently, but “Loose Sutres” is a new single in the forthcoming self-titled LP, out October 1 on In the Red. Like many of the other acts who’ve released on the label (Thee Oh Sees, Oblivians, The Spits, etc.), FUZZ doesn’t skimp on the actual fuzz, with grimy guitar and bass all around. “Loose Sutres” itself is a power trio track in the true definition of the word, eking out every last drop of sound available, including a lilting interlude, solos for all three members, and a frantic finish. Check out the track below.

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