Team Spirit – “Teenage Love”

Team SpiritHave you had enough alien penis in your life today? My guess is no. (And if your answer is yes — what exactly are you doing in your spare time?) Team Spirit is here to supply those “goods,” with their video for “Teenage Love,” which is the second in a three part series of videos for their self-titled debut EP. Also have you had lunch yet? I’m getting hun… wait they do what in the video? Oh. Nevermind then.

So the thing you need to know is that while this is Part 2 and takes off from the end of Part 1, none of that matters because this is the kind of video that is just there to engulf you in weirdness. The music — well, it’s alright. Team Spirit is from Brooklyn and definitely sounds like it, jangling and surf-rocking everywhere. But credit where credit is due: the Swedish animation team of Hannes and Johannes have created a pretty great video.

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