Coloured Clocks – “Orion”

Coloured ClocksDo you see that extra “u” in the name of today’s band? That means some English-speaking non-American impressed me. In this case, it’s Coloured Clocks, the project of Australian James Wallace, who makes music with a sound that can only be described in the extremely long and elaborate epithets that I’m prone to using. Wallace’s practice is technically bedroom pop — meaning the recordings have the intimate simplicity of being recorded at home, in a room, alone — but that would be the case only if his bedroom was actually an opium den, in the 80s, in space.

“Orion,” which comes off January’s Nectarine, is the closer for the album and boasts plenty of slow-dancing reverb. In fact, this is probably the best thing about the track; that it sounds like the last song at some nondescript 1983 prom, complete with that compressed guitar sound.

I’ve streamed “Orion” below, but you can also check out the rest of the album at Coloured Clocks’ Bandcamp page, and even download the whole thing for free.

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